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Putnam Wetlands

This wetland reserve program was initiated in April of 2007. The sixty acres of farmland was originally owned by Henry C. Shepherd, of Lakeview, Ohio. When Shepherd passed the land was left to his grandson, Bryan D. Putnam and daughter/son-in-law, Lynda and Douglas Putnam. This project was in the preliminary stages when Bryan very suddenly passed away. It was Bryan's dream to live on this farmland one day. The Putnam's have continued to work on this project in memory of their son, Bryan.

The Wetlands Reserve Program is a voluntary program offering landowners the opportunity to protect, restore, and enhance wetlands on their property.  The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) provides technical and financial support to help landowners with their wetland restoration efforts.  The NRCS goal is to achieve the greatest wetland functions and values, along with optimum wildlife habitat, on every acre enrolled in the program.  This program offers landowners an opportunity to establish long-term conservation and wildlife practices and protection.  Dan Braden, NRCS Civil Engineering Technician, from Lima, Ohio, who designed the Putnam Wetlands said the following: 

"I am sure that this project will touch many people in the name of Wetlands Restoration and the need to preserve/restore them. There are untold benefits from this type of project. Water quality (sometimes a least recognized but important environmental lift) will improve as these wetlands will serve as 'Mother Nature's Kidneys'. I can't wait to witness the diversity that will result with wildlife populations also."

The Plan View of the Putnam Wetlands project.  Click here for a larger Adobe Acrobat Image.

Aerial picture taken during construction on November 14, 2007.  The Putnam Wetlands are outlined in red. 

Aerial picture taken June 2010.  More images ...


Satellite photo of property prior to the beginning of the wetlands development.

Satellite Photo from 2011


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