Tree Planting
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November 2013

Addition trees were added to the wetland in November 2013.  Additional hickory trees were added as well as about 100 pawpaw trees.  Approximately 50 chestnut trees, about 50 sweet-gum trees, around 100 chinkapin oak trees, some 50 pecan trees, and about 100 persimmon trees were planted from seed in the November planting.

Floating the nuts to identify the more viable seed Planting the seed
Placing the clear plastic cup over the seed Sweet gum seed pod
Replacing tree tubes  


April 2008

200 Pin Oak and 200 Norway Spruce were carefully planted to help provide future wind protection.  Some 4,600 Bald Cypress trees were planted in the wetter parts of the wetland to improve the habitat for wildlife.

Click on image for enlargement

Planting bald cypress trees in the reed canary grass

Owner Doug Putnam worked with the crew to plant all of the trees

The barely visible twigs are the young bald cypress trees

Stop log on one of the ponds to control the water level

New planted norway spruce planted to help provide wind protection for the wetlands

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